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SIGGRAPH Asia 2013: Physical rendering and lighting behaviours

My first day at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 led me to a course on physical rendering, run by Dr Peter Shirley. Currently working at Nvidia research, he has previously worked at both the University of Utah and the University of Illinois.

The course introduced many of the aspects of physical rendering, including writing shaders and various lighting behaviours such as dispersion, ray tracing and radiosity. Although mainly aimed at people wanting to write their own renderers it was still fascinating to listen to what happens behind the scenes, from an artist's perspective.

Tomorrow, SIGGRAPH kicks off properly as the exhibition areas open. I'll be showcasing some new art, as well as talking to the creators of some cutting edge new technologies, so stay tuned to Creative Bloq.

All work and some play...

The view from the top of Victoria Peak.

The view from the top of Victoria Peak.

I've been using any spare time I have to explore the sights that this vibrant island has to offer. SIGGRAPH is held at the Hong Kong conference and exhibition Centre, which is huge! The only way I could get it in a photo was to get to the top of Victoria Peak. It's hot and humid here but, luckily, there's a (very steep) tram that takes you straight to the top. Starbucks has even made it up here!