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Bryce 5

Bryce 5 is the latest version of the famous landscapegeneration program and 3D renderer released by new owner, Corel. It features a streamlined interface, and a brand new procedural tree object that you can use to make entire forests, without the usual render performance hit you'd expect when creating extremely dense scenes

Bryce is traditionally used to create natural-looking scenes, and this tutorial will be no exception. However, rather than simply creating a landscape image for its own sake, we'll show you how Bryce can be applied to a professional task - we'll use the updated version to create a package label for an imaginary brand of bottled water. Bryce has all the right features for this particular type of job so alongside the (Mac) demo of the package on your coverCD, we'll supply all the steps and files you need to check out this great new version, and learn a few things along the way.

Download the tutorial and accompanying files here:
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