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Cloud service offers pain-free rendering

When it comes to rendering, not every 3D artist can afford an expensive server. That's where a cloud service can come in handy.

RebusFarm instantly provides you with 3,000 XEON CPUs to fast-render your animations and still-images. It supports all the major 3D tools and aims to seamlessly integrates into your software to ease your workflow.

The latest version includes Farminizer, a live plug-in that works in the background, quietly uploading data from your scene while you work. Plus there's RebusDrop, an intelligent upload/download manager, which controls the flow of data to like a Dropbox for rendering.

Version 2.0 also includes:

  • ControlCenter: for monitoring your jobs using any browser on any device.
  • Secure file transfers via sftp and added firewall compatibility.
  • You can now edit your online jobs and export new jobs even if there are still projects downloading/uploading.
  • All updates are done automatically in the background. No time-killing local software updates any more.
  • Notifications about your render jobs appear in the system tray.
  • The priorities (economy, business, premium) can now be changed before the job starts.

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