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Discover how the mind-blowing Lego Movie was put together

If you're a regular visitor to Creative Bloq, you'll know that we love a bit of Lego - often showcasing the best Lego designs around and being one of the first to get excited about new Lego products. So, with the announcement of The Lego Movie, we were pretty eager to get to the cinema!

This video takes us behind-the-scenes of the movie, showcasing the animation techniques and giving us a glimpse into its creation. Actors Liam Neeson, Chris Pratt and Will Ferrell discuss how the animators created the facial expressions of their Lego characters, which are quite frankly, brilliant.

As one of the best 3D movies coming out this year, we can't wait to witness the full spectacle in all its glory on the big screen. But for now, take a look at this video and witness the incredible talents of the animation team. And if you've not seen the hilarious trailer yet, check that out below:

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