27 free 3D models

11. UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter

Free 3D models - helicopter

Download this cool UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter totally free

Free3D, formally TF3DM, offers thousands of 3D models that you can download for free. And this cool UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter by 3dregenerator is one of them. The four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter is available in .3ds, .obj, .mb, .lwo and .max formats and free for personal use only.

12. BB-8

Free 3D models - BB-8

Isn't he adorable? BB-8 here is ready rigged for animation

Everyone's favourite droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been recreated and made available for free from Free3D. This BB-8 model by Steve Lalonde is rigged two different ways for animation purposes and comes complete with high quality textures, and it's available on .obj, .max and .fbx formats.

13. Wine glasses

Free 3D models - wine glasses

Save yourself lots of time by downloading these free 3D wine glass models

Creating realistic looking glass in 3D is both tricky and time-consuming. Here, 3D artist Mihai Panait has done the hard work for you, creating a set of various-shaped wine glasses. Available in .max, .obj and .3ds formats, the models are offered for use under a standard royalty-free license.

14. Glasses

Free 3D models - glasses

Want your characters to rock the Harry Potter look? Grab this free glasses download from Turbosquid

Not wine glasses this time, but spectacle-type glasses. Creating a convincing-looking pair of glasses in 3D is no easy task, but some interesting accessories like these can add personality to your characters. So, if you fancy completing your character with the Harry Potter look, save yourself some time and hassle and grab this free glasses download instead. Note: only for use in 3ds Max.

15. Animator Starter Pack

Free 3D models - Animator Starter Pack

Get all the urban detail you need with this heavyweight starter pack

If downloading a load of 3D models one by one is a bit of an effort then this should be welcome: it's a free pack of 90 models by Shaun Keenan, a freelance rigging, modelling and texture artist. It's packed with handy resources for creating a city scene including cars, buildings, houses, fire hydrants and other miscellaneous items.

16. NASA space shuttle

Free 3D models - Space shuttle

Create your own space adventure with Nasa's extensive range of free 3D models

For everything space related, head over to the NASA website where you'll find an extensive library of free 3D models like this shuttle. There's astronauts, lunar modules, satellites and more. Most models are in the common .3ds format but there are also .lwo, .fbx, or .obj formats available in some cases. Usage guidelines apply.

17. House

Free 3D models - House

Find this free cool house model at ShareCG.com

This cool house is offered by ShareCG, the site that hosts the web's largest collection of free computer graphics resources including thousands of free 3D CG Models. The house is offered as an untextured .obj file but the download includes separate material files for easy texturing. Note: registration to the site is required to download models.

18. Plants

Free 3D models - Plants

Download over 100 free plant and tree models courtesy of vegetation generator application Xfrog

Help yourself to 130 free plant and tree models from Xfrog, the vegetation-generation application. Choose from a list of 30 species, then click the 'Try before you buy' button for a free model. Download formats include .obj as well as files for use in Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Vue, Terragen 2, modo and Lighwave.

19. Cinema 4D model pack

Free 3D models - various C4D

Find all of these models in this brilliant free pack from the guys at Greyscalegorilla

This brilliant collection of free Cinema 4D models from the Greyscalegorilla community are copyright free and ready to be used in your project. The pack includes everything from a VW camper to a Lego man from various 3D artists, including Rob Redman, editor of our sister magazine, 3D World. There is also an accompanying demo video and details on how to install the pack.

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