Norsk: dark and brooding animated sci-fi short

Independent motion designer and art director Pierre Emperador recently completed this short, sci-fi inspired animation. Working in Toulouse, France, the film was a self-initiated project by Emperador, who was responsible for every element of production, including art direction, modelling, rigging, animation and composition.

The theme is artificial intelligence, a choice, and one last hope. Emperador explains on his website: "Norsk is one of the possible narratives of our future, where there is a slim hope into the depths of this story. It's a reflection of a selfish society, which, in its progress, has forgotten its own human values."

Norsk is one of the possible narratives of our future

The film has a super-cool art style and brilliant use of colour. The motion graphics are also perfectly synched to its soundtrack, Deadmau5's Raise Your Weapon.

The French are well known for producing excellent animated shorts, and Norsk is another fine example.

The animation in Norsk is synched to the film's soundtrack Deadmau5, Raise Your Weapon

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