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Dreamweaver revamped for the modern world

Over the past year, Adobe has been hard at work to bring you the all-new and improved Dreamweaver. Today, we've got a first look at one of the new features that will be included in the next release - and, perhaps more significantly, some of those that will be dropped...

What's new

Most notable is a new "CSS Designer" feature, which will provide a visual interface to let users quickly and intuitively work with CSS properties such as gradients, box shadows, and media queries. This gives users the ability to visually apply and set different media queries for web content to be presented in different sized media.

What's gone

Adobe says it's been reviewing the features that were integrated during the 15 years since Dreamweaver was released and found that some of the features support web technologies that are no longer relevant for most Dreamweaver customers.

Features that scheduled to be removed by Adobe include the Bindings, Server Behaviors, Components, and Databases panel, as well as Spry, Browser Compatibility Check, "and a few others". The company added that some of thesefeatures will be available as extensions for those who don't want to lose them.

A new start?

Overall, Adobe says it wants to refocus Dreamweaver on modern web standards and technologies including HTML5 and jQuery. It's about time, too. Is this the fresh start we've been hoping for?

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