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3 trends set to impact the creative economy

What does it mean?

We've certainly noticed a return to craftsmanship in recent years. So how does this re-birth of the handmade and traditional creative processes fit with the increase of creative innovation seen on mobile devices?

According to Rapp, the two trends aren't as polarised as they might seem: "Young creatives are open to any possibility to inspire and ideate, and we've seen them incorporating elements of their physical environment more into their work, mixing mediums and techniques, and often incorporating real-world elements," she says.

"There's something nostalgic about an analog workflow – it encourages creativity and returns us to our roots as designers. After interacting with more tactile elements, creatives are then given the task of connecting their analog work from the second screen back to their primary device – the desktop."

"This makes mobile an integral and invaluable part of the workflow, something Adobe has acknowledged through our dedication to further developing this ecosystem."

"We don't view these as necessarily opposing concepts – we see it as in indication of inspiration striking anywhere, and a willingness to being creative in whatever environment you find yourself – often this will result in the canvas expanding to mobile."

So what's next? Adobe promises a "major update" to Creative Cloud in the coming months that will help stretch the "creative canvas even further on mobile". Stay tuned...

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