Creative print ads target plastic pollution

The posters remind us that sea pollution affects our food supply

The Surfrider Federation - which campaigns for the protection of the world's oceans, waves and beaches - has launched a brilliant print-based campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution of the seas.

Creative agency Pollinate, based in Portland, Oregon, worked with the national and local chapters of Surfrider to create awareness of the problem and the impact it has on animals and humans alike.

The print ads, designed to promote the Surfrider's 'Rise above Plastics' campaign, bring the subject into sharp focus with the clever use of simple but effective taglines and provocative imagery. Although most of us don't visit the sea often, they bring home the issue starkly by tying it in with the effect on animals and, by extension, the food chain.

The provocative imagery drives the message home

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