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Recycling campaign brings talking trash to life

Do you recycle as much as you could? Before you start nodding, be aware that, according to data recently released by the Environmental Protection Agency, on average, only 35% of the trash produced in the US in 2011 was recycled. To help boost that percentage, Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council have joined forces to promote the benefits of recycling with this new integrated advertising campaign.

A series of short videos show various everyday inanimate objects (such as a plastic bottle and some tin cans) embark on a journey that ultimately leads them to be given a second life (as a bench and sports stadium respectively).

Created by San Francisco-based ad agency Pereira & O’Dell, the public service campaign sports the tag lines “I want to be Recycled” and "Give your garbage another life. Recycle.” The ad team have somehow, brilliantly, managed to create feelings of empathy for these inanimate objects. From now on, we'll never deny a plastic bottle its destiny of becoming a bench!

[via Design Taxi]

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