Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon: which should you choose?

Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon
(Image credit: Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon)

When it comes to drawing on iPad, the choice is Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon. For the most part, we expect people will be looking at the first-generation Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon, because these devices both work with lower-price iPads – the second-gen Apple Pencil only works with post-2018 iPad Pros.

Now that every iPad on-sale supports a smart stylus option, it’s pretty natural for people to want to grab one, whether you’re looking to draw, to take written notes, or you want a precision instrument for photo editing.

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Matt Bolton

Matt is Managing Editor at, and previously worked on T3, MacLife and MacFormat. He's been testing technology for over a decade, working in specialist Apple publications as well general technology and creative journalism, and has charted Apple’s ups and downs since his student days (but still hopes to hear “one more thing”). By day, you can find him covering TV, audio, smart home gear and more at, as Home Tech Editor. By night, he's probably updating or pairing or installing some new piece of technology in the quest for the perfect setup.