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Build amazing sites without getting bogged down in code

Sometimes, web design feels a lot more difficult than it really ought to be, especially when you consider some of the hacky horrors that have been wrought over the years. The likes of HTML tables, CSS floats and frameworks like bootstrap have often forced designers to compromise their creative vision in order to make websites that work across all browsers and devices.

There is, however, a new hope. The CSS Flexible Box layout module – or flexbox as we all know and love it – finally provides an expressive web layout system that works across all modern browsers, and which isn't a nightmare to use.

In this talk from last month's Generate San Francisco conference, Webflow's Vlad Magdalin discusses the incredible power of flexbox and explains how you can use it for real-world web work today, even if you have no experience whatsoever with writing CSS.

And there's more to this session than just talk; rather than simply explain the benefits of flexbox, Vlad puts his money where his mouth is and demonstrates how you can use it – along with Webflow – to create an amazing site in just half an hour.

If you're passionate about web design but find the whole code side of things a little too much, this is essential viewing, and you won't want to miss Vlad's upcoming session at Generate London either.

In The future of web design is not code, he'll outline why we need a revolution in web design: one that will make building for the web more accessible to all creative people, regardless of their coding abilities. 

Come to Generate London for three days of practical web design advice

Come to Generate London for three days of practical web design advice

As he notes, in the last 30 years, every digital creative discipline has seen the emergence of powerful visual software that helps designers get their work done - except for web design. Building a website or digital product still requires that you either become a coder, or work with a developer to bring your idea to life.

In this session he'll provide a glimpse of the future of web design, and explain how software will soon reshape the industry into something much more accessible to designers.

Generate London is coming to the Royal Institution on 21-23 September, and features a packed line-up of practical inspiring sessions, plus a day of in-depth workshops, with top speakers including Jeff Veen, Mike Kus, Ida Aalen and Brendan Dawes. If you want to get ahead in the web business then you can't afford to miss it; book your ticket now!

Jim McCauley is a writer, editor and occasional podcaster, and is available for space parties.