Why brands "obsessed with their customers" are winning

Imagine arriving at the airport, skipping the queue to check in, being greeted warmly, and being given a free upgrade. Painlessly passing through security, boarding the plane before everyone else, a welcome drink waiting. Having an amazingly smooth flight, arriving at your destination early, and gliding through immigration – to find your suitcase has been lost. A representative from the airline chooses this moment to ask you to rate your satisfaction with the experience and you score it a zero. 

Now, imagine entering a boardroom to present your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) alongside other customer satisfaction research. You stand up to share the figures, and this year’s score is unchanged from last year’s. You don’t have the information required to go from monitoring to management, you can’t connect the data to anything that happened in real life, and you can’t demonstrate ROI of any of your decisions to justify more investment.  

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Head of Insights EMEA, Siegel+Gale

About Ben Osborne 

A brand and communications research specialist for over 15 years, Ben gives clients the confidence, insight and vision to influence their business and help build compelling brands. Ben has worked with: Activision, BBC Worldwide, McLaren, and British Airways. He is an expert in quantitative, qualitative and integrated research + making complex information tangible and intuitive.

About Siegel+Gale 

Siegel+Gale was founded with a clear point of view: that simple is smart. In 1969, branding pioneer Alan Siegel, frustrated by the complexity of communications across industries, set out to help organizations create simpler experiences. Experiences that better serve their audiences—and their bottom line. From designing the iconic NBA logo to changing how Americans pay taxes with the 1040EZ, we’ve been champions of simplicity ever since. Every day, we partner with the world’s leading corporations, nonprofits and government organizations to build brand experiences that are remarkably clear and unexpectedly fresh. In other words, simple. Because brands that embrace simplicity forge deeper relationships with their customers and employees—and unleash powerful business results.