How to succeed as a freelance developer

Running a single-person web-development agency is hard, especially in the world of ecommerce, where I work. As a lot of agencies know, there are projects that turn a decent profit and others that seem to drag on into eternity. As a one-man/woman company, it’s even more important to make this process as smooth as possible – both for yourself and your client. It’s vital to keep your eye on profitability when developing ecommerce websites. As the solo developer, it’s all too easy to get sucked into a problem and end up losing out financially (things will run smoother with one the best web hosting services).

During my career as a senior web developer, I’ve seen the best and worst of what our industry has to offer. After parting ways with my company and travelling the world for a year, I decided to go it alone upon my return. Here I set out some of the best advice I’ve gleaned from my experiences, my contacts in the industry and the people who inspired me to take the plunge.

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Robert is the director of RKD. He has been in the web development industry for over nine years.