New features added to After Effects plugin Element 3D

Now almost two years old, the 3D object and particle render engine Element 3D allows motion graphics and VFX artists to import 3D objects directly into Adobe After Effects.

Video Copilot has now launched version 2 of the plugin, and it's packed with new features and improvements.

These include:

  • Dynamic Reflection Maps
  • 3D Noise and Deform tools
  • 3D Shadows

3D Shadows is one of the landmark features of the new release
  • Bend, Twist and Taper
  • Sub Surface Scattering Materials
  • Aux Animations for controlling animation inside of AE

Simulate translucent materials with Sub-Surface Scattering
  • Per-Material Transfer Modes
  • Per-Material Wireframe
  • New Bevel tool for bevelling edges

Those familiar with the first version of Element 3D will also notice a brand new interface, plus Video Copilot has also reworked the entire render engine to be faster and more efficient.

Video Copilot has also released three new products that are specially designed to take advantage of Version 2's capabilities: Backlight, Pro Shaders 2 and 3D Motion Design 2.

For details of all these new tools, check out the Video Copilot website.