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Airside founder launches new agency

We reported back in November that London agency Airside planned to close its doors in March 2012. Co-founder Alex Maclean has now revealed his next step: Rupert Ray. The design company will open in April, and ex-Airside MD Caroline Matthews is a co-founder. The new company's output will, we're told "span disciplines including branding, graphic design, illustration, animation and live action". Initial clients will include a US lingerie brand start-up and Intel.

On the new company, creative director Alex Maclean said: "Caroline and I have learned a lot from creating digital projects over the last 20 years. The shakeout of the digital revolution is not over, but with hindsight we have strong opinions about how to thrive in this new world. We like to say we do visual intelligence – I'm the visuals and she's the intelligence!"

Managing director Caroline Matthews enthused that with 16 years of advertising account handling behind her, along with experience at Airside, "the importance of mutual respect and understanding with my clients is in my blood". She said launching Rupert Ray at this stage of her career "feels unbelievably natural and instinctive, and I couldn't have anyone better than Alex to be partnering with".

In terms of the company's direction compared to Airside, .net was told: "Rupert Ray will carry the same enthusiasm, warmth, humour and respectful working process – we're just a little more glamorous, less cartoony and with a glint in the eye."