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Amazing CG art: Creation (Megaplex)

Exhibited at the Nicole Klagsburn gallery in New York, Creation (Megaplex) was inspired by the disposability of film and images, featuring a swirling helix of hundreds of movie clips, some familiar.

To bring it to life, Brambilla enlisted creative agency Ntropic. “I was introduced to Marco when we opened our New York office,” says Ntropic creative director Nate Robinson. “We discussed the possibility of working together, and hit it off after a couple of meetings.”

The Ntropic team gathered all the materials, rotoscoping the characters before using Flame and Maya to pre-viz, design, animate and composite the film.

“The stereo capabilities of Flame were instrumental in planning and execution,” says Robinson. “Flame enabled us to work in a 3D design space by incorporating 2D tools with 3D technology. Flame and Maya’s interoperability allowed us to move cameras and geometry seamlessly between them.”

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