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Animate a music video for deadmau5

Fancy animating a music video for one of the most successful dance musicians in the world? Well, you can. A bit of it, anyway ...

Telemiscommunications is a collaboration between Canadian producer deadmau5 and English singer-songwriter Imogen Heap. The pair are running a competition inviting animators to produce a section of the accompanying video.


The video's central character is a businessman. He's seen trying and failing to make a phone call in a busy airport, his conversation with a loved one interrupted by intermittent signal, loud public announcements and screaming children. Other businessmen are seen throughout the video experiencing similar difficulties.

During the song's choruses we are introduced to a couple. In chorus one they appear madly in love; by chorus two they are seen bickering.

The video culminates with all characters receiving a text message, the contents of which lifts their spirits as colour – emanating from the text message – bleeds in around them.

Your turn...

Choose a section of the video that you would like to animate. Submit a link to a piece of previous work and a single frame treatment of the section you've selected. deadmau5 and Imogen Heap will then choose the top 20 animators they'd like to work with, based on the submissions received. As for the money, deadmau5 and Heap will pay 50 USD for every second of animation they use.

You can choose which section of the video you would like to animate using the blue buttons under the video on the deadmau5 and Imogen Heap website. Or you can see the teaser below: