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Chrison in the driving seat for new animated series

Produced by Chrison - the studio of creative director, Chris Hung - TheDriver is an animated TV series set on the dangerous streets of Los Angeles. Here, the series' hero - TheDriver - celebrates racing and driving culture, while also drawing attention to its drawbacks: chiefly by targetting drunk and dangerous drivers using his own extraordinary driving skills.

Slow, slow, quick quick, slow

So far limited to a couple of teaser trailers, TheDriver has caught the attention of fast car fans, despite its responsible driving message. All that remains now is for the idea to be picked up by a TV network and turned into a full-blown animated series. It's a crying shame that that's not likely to happen until 2013 at the earliest.

The good news for car enthusiasts and TheDriver fans is that Chris Hung has an incredible track record when it comes to realising his dreams on the large and small screen.

As a senior technical director at Sony Pictures Imageworks, his lighting and compositing work has appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters including Spider-Man 3, Alice In Wonderland and the Steven Spielberg-produced Monster House.

Other movie credits include The Smurfs, Watchmen and Will Smith action-comedy Hancock. Chris Hung has also been working on Marvel Comic's 3D reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens in the UK on Wednesday 4 July 2012.

Both TheDriver trailers featured above were created using Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

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