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Creating quirky online banner ads

When it's well-produced, online advertising can be as funny, entertaining and quirky as any television or cinema ad. When produced badly, online ads can grate on the nerves with their all-blinking Click Me call to action.

However, with the Interactive Marketing & Advertising Awards now in their fourth year, internet advertising has come of age and is now regarded as a 'proper' form of advertising. This means online ads should now be given the same amount of originality and creative thought as any other advertising medium. Online banner campaigns are a good way for designers to break into the world of advertising too. If you're an accomplished banner maker, you'll always be able to attract new business.

In the following project, we'll show you the techniques needed for making an ad that moves across the three standard advertising units found on the internet: the leader board, skyscraper and MPU (Message Plus Unit or Mid Page Unit).

Click here to download the support files (885KB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free