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E.T. gets a terrifying makeover in this animated trailer

We all love E.T., right? But what if the lone alien marooned on a distant planet wasn’t quite so friendly as he is in the family classic movie?

A take on the trailer

That’s the vision that a group of 2nd year students from Denmark’s prestigious Animation Workshop came up with when they were set the task of creating this 30 second trailer loosely inspired by 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial'.

Instead of a vaguely cuddly alien trapped in a wholesome American town, this E.T. is a vicious monster, glimpsed only briefly as it wreaks havoc on a remote moonbase in an animated short that draws more on Ridley Scott’s 'Alien' than anything Steven Spielberg had in mind. Don't have nightmares!

More movies

Want to see similar work from The Animation Workshop? Its students have been busy making re-imagined trailers for an assortment of movies including The Shining, Blue Velvet and Blade Runner.

Take a look at the workshop’s Vimeo page for more, as well as other impressive shorts from its talented students; our very favourite is 'Space Stallions', a fantastic 80s-inspired Bachelor film project from the beginning of 2012. Get a load of this!

Watch this! Space Stallions

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