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GIFs reimagine the Back to the Future Delorean

Back to the Future Delorean

What could replace the classic Delorean?

Great Scott, it's 2015 already! Now it's October 21st, we've arrived at the exact date of Back to the Future two. To celebrate, car buying experts Zuto have done some time-travelling of their own by updating the distinctive Delorean.

But what could replace the classic Delorean's gull-wing doors? Zuto asked the public and used the feedback to create 88 miles per hour.

This animated site takes you through possible Delorean replacements, from Dodge Vipers to Chevrolet FNRs, and looks at how long it takes them to reach the crucial temporal velocity of 88mph.

By creating the site with scalable vector graphics, Zuto could animate individual elements like wheels, the car body and roads. "We used the powerful TweenMax javascript library to help create and sequence the various animations, including the incrementing text effect," said a Zuto spokesperson.

Delorean gif

The dependable Delorean, all it needs is a flux capacitor

Lotus gif

The Lotus takes a whopping 13 seconds to get to 88mph, too slow!

BMW i8 gif

The BMW i8 could be plugged into the wall

Dodge Viper

The 90's Dodge Viper, the midlife crisis of time machines


Is this Chevrolet the future of time travel?

After carefully studying the films' CGI Delorean, custom motion graphics tied the whole site together. To ensure the gifs were incorporated seamlessly into the page, they were converted into various html5 video formats, including mp4, ogv and webm.

All we need now is a hoverboard.

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