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Mac 'n' Cheese return in chaos-filled 3D short

Two years ago, four students of the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands created a drug-fueled animated short Mac 'n' Cheese. Within a month and a half of its release, it received over a million views and went on to win multiple awards. Now, working out of Colorbleed Studio, the team have brought their popular characters back to our screens with this brilliant new sequel.

At just under three-minutes, the short finds Big Mac and Skinny Cheese low on cash and wanting to go on holiday and so decide a job at the local supermarket will provide the solution to all of their problems. The first day runs by smoothly, but a final task makes things turn for the worst - cue a desperate but exciting chase for cash and riches.

Mac 'n' Cheese are back in this brilliant sequel

Mac 'n' Cheese are back in this brilliant sequel

At first, we were concerned sequel wouldn't live up to the brilliant original, but it does, with both the narrative and animation executed perfectly. And, from the sound of things, there's more to come with the team having a load more ideas for new Mac 'n' Cheese adventures up their sleeves. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Want to find out more about the short's production? Check out this making of video:

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