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Music video takes rotoscoping to new heights

When it comes to animated music videos, it can be very difficult to make your work stand out. But after six months of effort, director Ben Aston and animator Nick Black have achieved just that.

Created using the rotoscoping technique, whereby animators trace over live-action footage, frame by frame in order to create an animated film, this video for the Bishops single 'Polygonn' is highly entertaining.

Reminiscent of the classic promo for A-ha's 1980s hit 'Take on Me', the Bishops video is composed of over 2,500 frames at 12 frames per second - creating a total of three minutes of animation. Here's a video showing how it was made:

Director Ben Aston's work is always highly regarded, and so far his forthcoming, Kickstarter-backed film ‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’ looks incredible - we can't wait to see it!

  • Alex Williamson is an art and design student in London, who blogs about design, art and illustration. Follow him on Twitter.

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