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Stellar animation tells touching tale of father and son

Danish company The Animation Workshop is widely renowned for its stellar animation work. This latest project, 'Under The Fold' only adds to their already impeccable reputation.

The film takes place during the beginning of the Great Depression. A loving father, Frank, loses his job and struggles to find another in streets crowded with unemployed workers. Homeless, and with his son Andrew in tow, things start to look pretty bleak.

World of imagination

But as Frank discovers his son’s sad mood, he begins to cheer him up, playing on his imagination. As the days progress, the goal of keeping his son happy becomes the focus. In the end, Frank accepts this harsh reality for what it is, by drawing on the optimism he found in his son’s imagination and goes out to face it.

The film was directed and animated by Bo Juhl Nielsen, with Thomas Vind Mortensen as the production manager and animation supervisor. Rune Rask took on the technical art director and CG artist role, with art direction taken care of by Sara Mai Olsen.

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