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WATCH THIS! 'Lullaby for a nameless creature'

Ever since they burst onto our screens a few decades ago, music videos have continued to experiment and indulge in the design world. We've seen stop motion, animation, time lapsed photography and 3D make its way onto our screens and it seems that this creative outlet is continuing to thrive if our finds are anything to go by.

This animation by Estonian designer Elina Kasesalu was created using music from Calvin Cardioid. The song entitled 'Lullaby for a Nameless Creature' is accompanied by Elina's colourful stream of animated consciousness. We're greeted with purple wolves, pineapple heads and a host of nameless creatures - hence the title! The way that Elina manages to connect each animation is as impressive as her drawings.

Although the video might not make complete sense at first, the ending solidifies a simple narrative. The characters are typical of Elina's previous designs, with her distinctive style and quirky characters making her stand-out from the animation crowd.

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