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WATCH THIS! Inventive art animation ' Hide and Seek'

To celebrate the upcoming exhibition of artist Malika Favre, "Hide and Seek", independent gallery Kemistry has released this stunning animated short by Maki Yoshikura.

It tells the story of an intriguing and sophisticated woman travelling from one pattern to the next, hiding from the unsuspecting viewer.

Playing with patterns

The woman sometimes reveals herself to us for a brief moment, only to run away towards her next mysterious destination.

Watching it, we found ourselves wondering what the next environment would be - only when the woman arrives is it revealed.

The way the patterns interweave throughout the video is breathtaking and a great way to showcase Favre's creative imagination. It's certainly an orginal and thought-provoking way of understanding and experimenting with various patterns.

Everyday beauty

This will be Malika's first solo show in London, allowing the UK audience to catch a glimpse of her optical illusions. The prints on show work together as a series, which Malika hopes, “will make people see the beauty in their everyday surroundings, leaving with a smile and feeling sightly dizzy.”

For more information about the exhibition or to purchase prints, visit the Kemistry Gallery website.

Have you seen any inspiring and original optical illusions? Let us know in the comments box below!