The app that's half portfolio, half business card

Travelling from appointment to appointment with a giant-sized design portfolio under one arm, an iPad with a digital version under the other, and yet another version displaying your talents on your phone?

If this sounds like you, MOO's new app Monogram might be just the solution. Launched yesterday, Monogram seeks to solve all these portfolio woes with one simple, stylish, on-the-go portfolio app, which allows users to display their creative work easily. And it's completely editable on the go without having a wifi connection.

Monogram portfolio app

Share your links with friends and potential employees via your website or social media

This means you can update your work inbetween appointments and make your portfolio completely tailored to who you are meeting. Simple.

MOO CEO, Richard Moross, says, "Monogram seeks to bridge the divide between the humble business card and a more involved website, giving customers a flexible tool to better explain what they're about when they're face-to-face.

Monogram portfolio app

Show your work, pitch your business, and share what you do. You’ll always have your story in your pocket.

"We're looking forward to seeing our customers build some beautiful Monograms." And not to mention, it's all delivered on your mobile phone.

Monogram links are also easily sharable, so you can pass your work on directly to prospective clients or co-collaborators and share them on your social networks.

You can also easily link your Monograms to any website and you can make as many as you like, ensuring you have the perfectly curated visual story of your work, always to hand.

Monogram portfolio app

Tell your story with Monogram, customise every aspect and tailor it for each opportunity

It's a whole new way to share your portfolio, and cuts down on both time and expense. The app has been designed for everyone, from designers, illustrators and photographers to dog groomers, architects, agency creatives, independent retailers and tattoo artists.

No more fussing about websites and digital portfolios, you can spend that hard earned time on what really matters – creating art!

Monogram is available now on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free in the App Store.

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Alice Pattillo

Alice Pattillo is a freelance journalist with a passion for heavy metal, horror, science fiction, fantasy and comics. She has over seven years experience in magazines, formerly working as a staff writer at Creative Bloq, Imagine FX, Computer Arts and 3D World, as production editor for Guitar World and Guitar Player and online editor of Metal Hammer.