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Menu app concept is deliciously good

Crave app concept

The Crave app concept prioritizes product visuals

When it comes to websites and apps, it appears that a designers work is never done. From Instagram to YouTube, landmark platforms are inspiring designers to creative inventive overhauls, which aim to improve the user experience.

For New York-based interaction designer Rolf Jensen, it was the clunky controls and poor layout of menu apps that needed fixing. "I’ve always felt that current on-demand food and beverage apps lack visuals of the products themselves while browsing the menu," he explains.

"In some cases they are strictly user-generated, which often results in bad exposure of the product, and makes it difficult to get an idea of what the menu item authentically looks like," he adds. It was these issues which prompted him to create his own menu app, Crave.

With its deliciously stylised images and icons, straightforward swipe controls and a soft colour scheme, this app's concept art is a feast for the eyes. Browse the images below to get a taste of how the Crave app would look.

Crave app menu concept art

Large icons mean your favourite treats are only a few clicks away

Crave app menu

Rolf wanted to give his app some appetising visuals

Crave app menu

Product visuals like this tasty chocolate are given priority

Crave app icons

Distinctive icons make this app fun to use

Crave app menus

The menu layout gives products extra exposure

Crave app menu

A simple swipe navigation finishes the design

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