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5 new illustrations from our FREE app Design Spring

Every Friday we're giving you a taste of what our FREE iPad app, Design Spring, has to offer. Here are just five of the imaginative illustrations we're adding to the app every day to provide you with a daily dose of design inspiration!

It's not just about illustration either - you'll also find graphic design work, typography, 3D work, and more on our free app, which offers zoom functionality and a search facility so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Pinterest page

We now have a dedicated Design Spring Pinterest page where we stash images that we think might fit nicely in the app. Take a look at it, and if you fancy adding images yourself then drop Jim McCauley a line with your details.

Whether you're a designer wanting to showcase work, an art director trying to find someone to commission, or you just like looking at fabulous imagery, Design Spring will have something for you. So come on, download it today!

Aiden O'Connell

Design Spring app: Illustrations

Botanics by Aiden O'Connell

Aiden O’Connell is an 18-year-old graphic designer who likes to spend his time experimenting in illustration and web design. Based in Hull, UK, he will soon attending University to further develop his artistic skills and style.

Erik Arthur Jacobs

Geo Crow by Erik Arthue Jacobs

Geo Crow by Erik Arthue Jacobs

Erik Arthur Jacobs is a graphic and web designer based in London. His passion for drawing started at a young age, which ultimately lead him into the design field. After studying graphic design in his home country of Spain, he moved to London to further his design career.

Grégoire A. Meyer

Shattered by Grégoire A. Meyer

Shattered by Grégoire A. Meyer

Photographer Grégoire Meye grew up in France and is currently based in London. His growing photography and art career leapt forward in 2010 with recognition by the Sony World Photography Awards. Since then, he has gone on to win numerous awards and showcase in multiple exhibitions.

Biagio Pandolfi

Frammenti di amarezza/Giuditta by Biagio Pandolfi

Frammenti di amarezza/Giuditta by Biagio Pandolfi

Italian artist Biagio Pandolfi specialises in branding, graphic and editorial design. During his creative career he's worked as a graphic designer for various companies, including an architectural firm in the Czech Republic and a design company in Rome.

Dale Murray

Crime & Punishment by Dale Murray

Crime & Punishment by Dale Murray

Dale Murray is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist based in the UK. He has an impressive online portfolio, which includes work he's done for various clients, including Google, Orange and Wired Magazine.

If you'd like to see your work featured on Design Spring, please email Jim McCauley or upload your images to our Pinterest page.

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