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Stencil kit brings your Android app ideas to life

There are plenty of apps out there and some of the best iPhone apps and best Android apps for desingers and creatives are yet to be created - and that's where you come in. Do you have a fantastic idea for a new app? This Android Stencil Kit allows you to draft your ideas, enabling you to create an app that you've had your heart set on.

The kit is perfect for doodling user interface, user experience, app flows and wireframe ideas. You can also use the precision cut stainless steel stencil to draw out any ideas on the go. It includes new UI conventions such as the Spinner, Primary Action Bar, Tab Bar, Secondary Action Bar, and new integrated Nav Bar.

So whilst it might not be imperative to own the Android Stencil Kit, we at Creative Bloq think it's a brilliant way to map out your interface ideas. Even if you haven't got a clear app idea in mind, this is a kit that might just coax it out of you.





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What do you think of this kit? Will it help you to create new ideas? Let us know in the comments box below!