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New photo-sharing app defies social norms

rando app

Rando wants to stop worrying about popularity and concentrate on photography

Have you ever stumbled across a photo in your collection that wasn't yours? Love the idea of found photos? Well, digital design agency ustwo have taken things to the next level with their brand new photography app Rando.

Rando is an app where serendipity rules the day and users send and receive random photos to and from random people all over the world. It's an experimental photo exchange platform for people who love photography and who love to share photography. How does it work? Take a picture and the app will then send it to someone at random. You'll receive one back at random from someone else.

Essentially, ustwo wants you to free yourself from the constraints of social media, escape the constant desire to seek 'likes' from others and appreciate great photography. It's a fascinating idea - we can't wait to see if it takes off...

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