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AROUND THE BLOQ: Create great packaging, save on design software, and more!

10 ways to create eye-catching packaging

Create top-class packaging that flies right off the shelves with these 10 high-impact tips.

Giving context to your content

In the first of a four-part series, content expert Sandi Wassmer establishes a framework for content strategy.

Magically meticulous design style guides

Draw inspiration from these big-brand style guides - a logo and typography obsessive's dream!

Glenn Garriock, co-founder of international design showcase site FormFiftyFive, discusses exactly what it takes to get your design work in the spotlight.

Providing responsive images with Drupal

Serving images to mobile devices can prove a major annoyance for developers. Michael Herchel highlights a number of methods to make life more flexible.

10 ways to save money on design software

From Photoshop to Cinema 4D, decent design software can be expensive. But there are ways to cut the cost. Here are 10 of them.

Use stills to create a dynamic 3D landscape

In this Cinema 4D/After Effects tutorial, Michaeljohn Day reveals how you can create a full-motion fly-through sequence with a 3D package and some decent 2D landscape photographs.