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AROUND THE BLOQ: Stop deadline stress, Photoshop plugins and much more!

Stop deadline stress

15 ways to stop deadline stress kicking your ass!

It's heading towards the end of the day and you're not even close to finishing that all important project for that all important client. The pressure is on. The clock is ticking. Feel like panicking? Don't. Simply read these 15 tips...

Can anyone design type?

Computer Arts speaks to three graphic designers who've created their own fonts, and some of the seasoned typeface designers whose rules they might be breaking.

7 dirty secrets of data visualisation

What are the real challenges visualisation developers face, and what don't they want you to know about their work? Two professional practitioners lead you through some of the dirty secrets of the infovis trade.

Simulate fluids in Blender

Add splashing liquids to your 3D scene with Phil Nolan’s in-depth guide to creating realistic fluid simulations.

The 30 best Photoshop plugins

Create awesome images and amazing designs with our selection of the 30 most creative, useful, time-saving and powerful Photoshop plugins around.

Perfect your online content

A robust strategy for managing content is a must for web development projects. Angus Edwardson talks you through the hows and whys of developing one.

Base creates identity for NYC x Design

The inaugural festival will showcase all fields of design, with Base looking after branding.