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AROUND THE BLOQ: Stunning calendar designs, desk exercises and much more!

Desk exercises: 7 easy routines for designers

Sit up straight and pay attention! Designer boot camp starts now, and we're here to put paid to poor posture, and ensure you remain in top form with these desk exercises.

20 stunning examples of calendar design for 2013

Looking for some calendar design inspiration? Then look no further as we reveal a host of inspirational designs.

VFX short film: Voile Noir

The sky’s the limit in this student short. 3D World talks to project lead Michael Balthazart about the mix of live-action and CG

The best of UK illustration

This week, some of the UK's most talented illustrators were rewarded for their work at the opening of the Association of Illustrators' 36th annual Images show.

New tools for web design and development: September 2012

So many good things appeared in September that Mark Penfold couldn't bear to cut the list down to the traditional 10. Here are 11 top utilities for building on the web.

Column-grid poster design made neat and easy

Mark Bloom, aka Mash Creative, walks through how to create perfectly aligned typography using a column-grid system for guidance.

20 common Wordpress mistakes, myths and misgivings

Jesse Friedman, author of the Web Designer's Guide to WordPress, helps us avoid common WordPress mistakes and takes a look at some myths and misgivings to boot.