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Graffiti aeroplane is totally fly

HangFire is a creative team of artists, working in the UK to produce quality art commissions at any size, any style, any where. This latest project, entitled 'Icarus_13', sees two graffiti heavyweights putting their stamp on a Boeing 737.

Sat One and Roids battled sleep deprivation, weather and the enormous size and scale of the plane to face the fundamental task of working out the best way to paint a curved aluminium surface. Both artists worked day and night to complete the piece that truly showcases the pair's talents.

This film was shot and edited by designer Gavin Strange who manages to capture the colossal task at hand in beautiful fashion. Strange also designed the animated titles to mimic the aeronautical panels and instruments. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on the artists and HangFire events over the next few months.

Find out about more events over on the HangFire website.

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