How to draw hands

How to draw hands

Learning how to draw hands can be a challenge. Even experienced artists have to study this skill with a dedication to master it. The human hand is a complicated piece of anatomy – and one of the most crucial – so learning how to draw hands well is a vital skill.

This article includes two key lessons: on this first page, the concept artist Brynn Metheney shares a simple step-by-step guide for drawing hands, including tips on how to break down the forms of the hand into simple shapes like cylinders and spheres. From there, you can scroll down for painter and graphic designer Stan Prokopenko's in-depth look at the anatomy of the hand – after all, you need to understand the underlying structure, in order to learn how to draw hands with accuracy and confidence.

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Brynn Metheney specializes in creature design, fantasy illustration and visual development for film, games and publishing. She lives and works in Oakland, California.