Behance portfolio of the week: Jack Radcliffe

Jack Radcliffe is a photographer and artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. His photographs, usually produced as a series of images made over a span of time, allow viewers to experience the intimacy that he achieves with his subjects, as a result of his long-term commitment to them.

Mainly using friends and family as subjects, and with a passionate interest in human relationships, Radcliffe uses still, mainly black and white, images to document precious moments in their lives.

This portfolio is awe-inspiring; full of beautiful photography, each set having their own unique story. Here, we've selected five of out favourites, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of Radcliffe's imaginative and inspiring work.


Taken in 1990, Radcliffe documents his daughter's driving lesson

Our favourite work by Radcliffe, this series documents the life of his daughter Alison. It was through documenting his baby's growth that Radcliffe really developed a passionate interest in human relationships. Started in 1978, the visual life story captures moments in Alison's change from a child to a woman, her relationship with friends, rebellion and, above all, her relationship with her father. Just stunning.

The Isbert Family

Radcliffe first began documenting Beppi and Stephen Isbert in 1992

Radcliffe began photographing Beppi and Stephen in 1992. The couple share a common interest for dressing up; Beppi in vintage clothing and Stephen in women's clothes. Radcliffe has documented the uncoventional couple on their journey into marriage and having three children through a beautiful series of telling black and white stills.

Dan, Selena and Spoon

Fascinated by Dan, Selena and Spoon's way of life and relationships, Radcliffe documented the trio's uncoventional approach to living

Artists Daniel Van Allen, Selena and Spoon live in Southwest Baltimore. The trio reside in a rabbit warren of a dwelling after Daniel connected two row houses. And if that wasn't eccentric enough, it is full of random artifacts such as found objects and animal skeletons, which form a unified art installation Daniel refers to as Visionary Environment. Fascinated by the trio's unusual way of life, Radcliffe documented it with this stunning photography series.


Radcliffe documented the life of Erica before she died in 2010

This moving series is based around Erica, who sadly died in 2010. Part of the eulogy found attached to his stunning document of this lady's life explains Radcliffe's photo series perfectly. It reads...'Some people make the world extraordinary just by being in it. Erica was one of those people.'


Radcliffe captures the life and trials of an artist desperate to master his craft

This brilliant series is about artist and painter Gene. Radcliffe included a quote from Gene with this series, it reads... 'I think that creating a believable representation of a person is extremely challenging and emotionally rewarding if you get it right. It's the belieable part that's the hardest.' This quote sums up Radcliffe, reflecting his obvious talent behind the lens as he captures Gene's exact feelings beautifully.

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