5 ways to measure your branding success

Show of hands: who here really knows what branding is? Relax, we're grading on a curve. Most of us are just a bit vague on what branding is, largely because it can mean different things in different applications.

In once sense, branding is an ancient custom. Ruling families paraded their crests (i.e. logos) as far back as Egypt. By comparison, the modern concept of 'product' branding is still relatively new. For example, if you look at ads and packaging of Bayer aspirin from just a hundred years ago, it had the word 'ASPIRIN' large at the top. And the brand's name and logo was shown quite small. Contrast this to today's packaging where the brand name – in this case 'Bayer' – is overwhelmingly dominant.

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Lance Evans

Lance Evans is creative director of Graphlink Media, a "boutique" creative marketing agency that specialises in building brands and has worked with such high-profile clients as Olive Garden, Miller Beer and AMEX. Lance has written for Creative Bloq on a wide range of topics, from technical photography tips to the ins and outs of branding.