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Apple goes back to the future with logo revamp

The multi-coloured logo spotted at the iPad launch looks like a modernised version of the original rainbow logo Apple sported in the 1970s and 1980s and may yet signal a new direction for the Cupertino, California company.

After late CEO Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1995, the company progressively moved the logo to a more neutral white or grey tone. Now that the Jobs era is over, could this new more colourful logo show that Apple's trying to make a clean break with its past?

Back to the future: Apple logos through the years via Gizmodo UK

Back to the future: Apple logos through the years via Gizmodo UK

Computer Arts sister technology website Gizmodo UK certainly hopes so.

A new approach

Apple has historically been very careful and controlled about the image it presents to the world - something that has helped it become of one of the world's most famous and recognisable brands.

One thing's for sure, Apple has very clearly moved away from being just a computer company to a mobile devices company in the last few years - Apple sold more iOS devices in the last year alone than it sold Macs in the previous 28.

The fact that the 'new' multi-coloured logo evokes the old rainbow can only mean one thing: Apple is intent on creating a second computer revolution based around the iPad - just as it kickstarted the first.

Or maybe it's simply a reflection of the way the Yerba Buena Center was decorated ahead of the new iPad launch...

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