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Designers react to new Facebook logo

The new Facebook logo: a subtle but distinctive change

The new Facebook logo: a subtle but distinctive change

Here's the latest update to the Facebook logo – a subtle tweaking of its iconic Klavika typeface. This typographical change comes as Facebook strives to appear '"more friendly," says the company's creative director, Josh Higgins.

Frequent users will be familiar with the social media platform rolling out new logo redesigns. But this is the first time the company has changed its logo's typeface since it launched as 'Thefacebook' way back in 2004.

Old logo - can you spot the difference?

Old logo - can you spot the difference?

The new typeface is a collaborative effort between Facebook's own in-house design team and Process Type Foundry's Eric Olson. Higgins told Under Consideration he feels confident that the new wordmark reflects "where we are now and where we are headed."

Facebook logo Tweet

The new logo was revealed in a Tweet

He added that the old logo strived to look "grown up and to be taken seriously" as the company was just getting started. The new font was revealed on Twitter with comparatively little fanfare.

Obvious changes to the font include a single-deck 'a' and a more organic stem on the letter 'b', while the all important 'f' remains instantly recognisable.

Reaction from designers so far has included a few dissenters...

But most commenters have been fairly positive about the change...

But what do you think of the new wordmark? Please share your views in the comments below...

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