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Developing a brand

Considerations of type, image and layout are as relevant in brand identity as in any other design discipline. So when working on a brand identity for a band or musician, the techniques and skill base learnt in more corporate environments still apply.

Over the next few pages, we give you an insight into the process of designing and developing a logo brand after liaising with the client. Working from original sketches, we show you how to develop the logo in Adobe Illustrator CS2. These working sketches should always be scanned in as they prove invaluable when creating a logo from scratch. As well as these graphical materials, it's great if there is an existing font that you can use to adapt the basic letterforms.

Once the logo has been created, we take you through the basic steps of designing a poster to advertise a record release. Even today, while the popularity of the poster is somewhat in decline, the medium has lost none of its effective potency and still acts as a strong marketing tool or as a piece of art in its own right.

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