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New branding and website for global agency Fi

Leading digital agency Fi, which has offices in London, New York City, San Francisco and Stockholm, has redesigned its website and refreshed its branding, with some lovely looking results. Redesigning your site? You might want one of the best website builders.

For the refresh, Fi - previously known as Fantasy Interactive - settled on a new brand colour, which has the hex number of #d81415 and has been dubbed 'Fi red'. "We tested it thoroughly," they reveal in this blog post, "applying it to an array of internal documents and presentations to ensure we had identified just the right hex colour."


Fi (which is pronounced F-i) has also created a new typeface for its brand - a customized version of Helvetica Neue Bold - along with an entirely new secondary colour palette, and a "simple design language with iconography and illustrations that place an emphasis on visual storytelling".

The new website is marquee driven, with the aim of offering "effortless browsing" and allowing visitors to stop where they like along the way. Copy on the homepage has been deliberated been kept light, with each marquee linking to an in-depth case study for those who want to discover more.

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