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A peek inside the Branding Annual: GBH and Mama Shelter

To create the Branding Annual 2014, Computer Arts Collection joined forces with an expert team of world-leading designers to hunt out the most inspiring, thought-provoking and downright stunning branding work from the past 12 months.

Some of the team's favourite projects came from GBH, a multi-award-winning design and advertising agency based in London that has been busy producing some of the most eye-catching branding schemes of recent months.

Mama Shelter branding

In its identity for hotel chain Mama Shelter, GBH took a quirky, charming approach that made the brand stand out from the crowd.

"The Mama way is an intriguing mix of friendliness and community, wrapped in style, eclecticism and a drop of surreal humour – qualities that are very much reflected in Mama's brand identity," says GBH.

It's a scheme that impressed the design world at large, too. "Luxury and humour aren't easy partners, but GBH's work for Mama shelter achieves the balance perfectly. Mama shelter's values are shown as warm and friendly but also surreal and surprising," says panel member Richard Scholey of The Chase. "It's hard to describe why it's so good. You're best just looking at the work and seeing if you can do so without both smiling and feeling a slight pang of jealousy."

Miss Kō restaurant identity

Miss Kō is an Asian fusion restaurant located in the heart of Paris. GBH created a graphic identity centred around a fictitious figure – the enigmatic and alluring Miss Kō.

"The identity is an eclectic mix of things taken from Miss Kō's world," elaborates The Partners' Greg Quinton, who nominated the project for the annual. "The cocktail menu is her private sketchbook, each cocktail is depicted as a crazy Asian character and named after one of her friends, the dessert menu is a photo album saved from her childhood."

And what of the elusive character at the heart of it all? "Young, sensual but eternally mysterious, the effigy of Miss Kō is the embodiment of Asia's traditions & beauty," says GBH.

The Computer Arts Collection Branding Annual is available to buy now.

Note: In the Annual, incorrect client information was printed for this project – the client should read 'Mama Shelter'.