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Roll up, roll up for the Creative Reveal

From an intangible idea, as if by magic, the creative conjures the final product. That's the idea behind the Creative Reveal, posters designed to answer the question: what do you do?

The idea of creatives as magicians inspires the typography and illustrations used, reminiscent of slightly sinister 19th century magic act and sideshow posters.

Le Designer and Brand Guru posters

Creative Reveal: Le Designer poster

Creative Reveal's Le Designer poster

Le Designer (above) features a bound and blindfolded magician created to show 'the feats designers actually perform behind their masterpieces'. His tricks include the impossible sounding 'tight budget' and equally difficult 'time constraints', while the foot of the poster reads: 'No lying. No cheating. No undercutting.'

The Creative Reveal: Brand Guru poster

Creative Reveal's Brand Guru poster

Brand Guru (above) uses an illustration of a mustachioed psychic with the ability to 'make and break brands with his bare hands'. He's seen looking into his crystal ball for answers to questions such as: 'Will it last? Will it sound nice? Will it make enemies? Will it succeed? ... Will it win my lawsuit?'

Each poster also has a variant edition – the alternative copy of Brand Guru being a skeletal version of the psychic – with prices ranging from $19 for mini copies to $95.00 for XL.