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Gourmet branding looks good enough to eat

Urbanbites branding

The Urbanbites' branding has a vintage look with a contemporary twist

Here’s a branding design project that’s sure to whet your appetite. Aimed at urban foodies looking for a new fix of gastronomic goodness, this Spanish brand of subscription boxes from Urbanbites is as attractive as it is appetising.

Urbanbites branding

The branding covers physical products and web design

Award winning Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio are behind this branding and web design project which aims to “Feed your mood”.

Urbanbites branding

Acrylic patterns give the branding a human touch

Urbanbites branding

Masquespacio wanted to give the branding a handmade look

Inspired by the needs and tastes of Urbanbites’ customers, this aesthetic also seeks to find a balance between the craftsmanship of Urbanbites’ products as well as reflecting the new kind of gourmet flavours they offer. Masquespacio sum up the seductive mix of different design ingredients as ‘vintage contemporary.’

Urbanbites branding

Urbanbites' brand values were the foundation of the design work

Urbanbites branding

Even the Urbanbites' website has a handmade appearance

The design concept is brought to life through elements that appear handmade. This includes the blotchy, uneven typography, plus beautiful coloured patterns which have been realized with acrylic paint. Old pictures showing typical Spanish cooking and eating scenes finish off the branding.

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