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Winning rebrands

Warren Beeby, creative director and founding partner of BB/Saunders, describes their branding process as 'inside out'. "This means you need to get very close to the centre of what a brand's about: its values, how the people see what they do, why they do it, who they do it for, and the principles that govern it." In short, without understanding who a company is and its place in the market, you can't create a brand that really represents them.

The Heart FM team had already done some positional research before BB/Saunders pitched to them. It wanted the station to be more contemporary, but to maintain its 'feel good' image - to be about those moments where you think, "I love that tune". It was important not to come across as too modern, or challenging to listen to - like a dance radio station - and to preserve its warm, friendly perception with its slightly female-biased listenership.

The old logo was considered to lack individuality, and needed an element of which they could take ownership. "We worked on this project from conception right through to delivery," says Beeby. "Radio is a non-visual format, and its marketing tends to work to a set formula. Heart needed an identity that could work everywhere, from its club nights, to shows for relaxing with on a hot summer's day."

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