The best Apple Watch screen protectors in September 2023

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Your smartwatch sees a lot of action and movement throughout the day, so owning one of the best Apple Watch screen protectors will help to keep your smartwatch in good condition. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from, with options for all different models and generations of Apple Watch, too. 

Some Apple Watch screen protectors are more subtle, whereas others can be a bit robust offering a full gamut of protection. Make sure to double-check the compatibility of each screen protector with your Apple Watch, and check out our picks of the best Apple Watch bands to add a personal touch to your smartwatch.

We've included each type of screen protector below to display your options, with our recommendations based on quality and value for money, plus the material type, compatibility, and extra protection features such as edge bumpers. We also have a guide to the latest Apple Watch Series 8 prices if you're looking to upgrade, but for now, let's take a look at the best Apple Watch screen protectors available today.

The best Apple Watch screen protectors 

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Do I want a case or a screen protector?

Both! If you can afford it. Most options in this guide feature both a screen protector for your Apple watch as well as a full case to guard the edges and dials, but sometimes the full case will have a screen cover built into it, and other times the case will be screenless with an entirely separate part, and placing a screen cover over the case will be the cherry on top. 

At the very least, you will definitely want a basic screen protector covering the expensive display of your Apple Watch to keep it not only scratch-free and drop-proof, but to keep it hygienic also, as most screen protection technology these days boasts antimicrobial properties to fight surface bacteria. If you ever decide to sell your Apple Watch, a scratchless screen will make all the difference to resale value, so keep this in mind too. 

Does the Apple Watch screen scratch easily?

The Apple Watch screen is made from durable glass, but considering it's usually worn day-to-day it's very easy to accidentally knock it into something and cause a scratch. Whether you knock it against a wall, drop it completely, or just bump into something hard – the best Apple Watch screen protectors are a great way to avoid any costly screen repairs or damages.

Will these protectors fit my older Apple Watch model?

It's super important to make sure that the case or protector you purchase will actually fit your Apple Watch, and the best way to do this is to first find your device model number and case size by checking the engraving on the back of your Apple Watch. This should tell you which model you own, but you can always Google the model number to be totally sure. 

Now you know which Apple Watch you have, be sure to read carefully on any  Amazon listings or product descriptions to see if your watch is compatible, or if the website isn't very helpful then you can always measure your watch and get the exact dimensions and compare this with the product before purchasing to know if it will fit – or if this sounds like too much effort, you can always just contact the retailer and ask them directly. 

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