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The best craft tables for Cricut in 2022

Lifestyle shot of Cricut Maker sitting on one of the best craft tables
(Image credit: Cricut)

By owning one of the best craft tables you can maximise both your creativity and workspace when using a Cricut machine. Having a dedicated craft space for both your work and materials makes it a lot easier than working on another surface like a dining table or hard floor, and will get you in the right headspace for your project.

When choosing a craft table, you have to take lots of factors into consideration. For example, looking at how large the workspace is or whether or not the desk is adjustable. Finding the right fit for you is even more of a task when buying online. That's why we've compiled the list below of the best craft tables for Cricut on the market today. We'll be looking at why they're perfect for any Cricut user as well as the pros and cons of each different table.

If you're looking to expand your crafting setup, why not check out our guide on the best Cricut accessories. If you haven't bought a Cricut yet but are starting to look into it, then read our guide to the best Cricut machines.

There are some different offers and craft tables for US and UK markets, although there is some crossover too, so we we'll begin our guide with the best craft tables in the US, which means UK readers can keep on reading if looking for recommendations.

The best craft tables: US

The best craft tables, a photo of a craft table with a Cricut on topCB endorsed

(Image credit: Saunder)

01. Sauder Craft Pro Series Work Table

The best craft table for space saving


Dimensions: D30 x W60 x D36 inches
Materials: Engineered wood frame, melamine top
Colour options: ‎Charcoal grey

Reasons to buy

Large works space for a Cricut Maker 3
Plenty of storage and shelving
Flexible and solid worktop

Reasons to avoid

Draws have no stopper

The Sauder Craft Pro Series Work Table is one of the best all-round tables on our list for crafting. We love the long, large work surface, though its smooth top can be prone to scratching, so a cutting mat is essential. You can fit a Cricut machine on here easily and have room to work.

The build is excellent and is fairly easy to put together and once up is a sturdy design, ensuring your Cricut Maker's motions won't wobble the table. We love the wealth of space and storage this craft table has too, though there are no 'stoppers' on the draws and they pass right through. It's okay if you have the Sauder Craft Pro Series Work Table against a wall, but you should be careful if it's in the middle of a room.

Overall this is an excellent craft table that can be adapted to most uses – though we'd say its too high for sewing machines. The quality and space on offer is excellent, and for the price it represents a perfect craft solution for most Cricutters.

The best craft tables, a product shot of the Comet sewing table on a white background

(Image credit: Comet)

02. Comet Sewing Table

The best craft table for storing bins and baskets


Dimensions: L56.75 x W23.5 x H30 inches
Materials: Metal
Colour options: White top, black frame

Reasons to buy

Adjustable shelf for sewing machines
Can be tailored to Cricut or mat cutting
Good storage and workspace

Reasons to avoid

The drop down shelf is prone to wobble

The Comet Sewing Table is an excellent modern-looking desk for crafting and machine working. The metal frame and head worktop offer a stable and solid build to enable cutting with precision. The depth means it will take a Cricut Maker 3 too.

The bonus of this craft table is it features an adjustable shelf so you can use a sewing machine and grade the height to fit your working space, or you can have it all the way up to create a joined up worktop. A great idea, though the adjustable shelf can be prone to wobbles when using more powerful sewing machines.

Better customisation comes from the flip-up extended table end that can make this craft table even longer, again we find this is handy for Cricut projects (but we wouldn't lean or cut on this extension, it's just good to feed material over). If you're looking for a solid do-all craft table that can work for Cricut and sewing, this is a good option.

03. Sauder Craft Cart

The best craft table for small rooms


Dimensions: D19.5 x W62.2 x H28.5 inches
Materials: Engineered Wood
Colour options: Cinnamon Cherry

Reasons to buy

Can be folded down and put away
Great for storage
Portable and a good size

Reasons to avoid

Too narrow for Cricut Maker, but good for Cricut Joy and Silhouette Cameo 4

The Sauder Craft Cart is a good choice if your room is a bit short on space. This compact solution will make the most of what you've got, and though it's good for Cricut Joy using a larger Cricut Maker properly is a struggle. Though owners of Silhouette Cameo 4's 12- and 15-inch models will be fine. 

This is essentially a combined craft table and cart, which means you can wheel it out whenever you need it, and it extends thanks to a folding leaf at one end, giving you plenty of space to work with when you need it. 

There are a good assortment of storage options, as well as an internal shelf that's designed for a sewing machine but as we've mentioned smaller cutting machines work fine. You can get a Cricut Maker 3 on here, but material will be running down the front, so Smart Materials only. 

When you're done, you can fold it all back up and wheel it into a corner, where it makes an attractive cabinet, which is a good idea. This is a sturdy craft table that offers a good overall use but dedicated Cricutters may want to look below for a wider craft desk.

The best craft tables: UK

The best craft tables, a product shot of the John Lewis & Partners Louvre desk on a white background

(Image credit: John Lewis)

01. John Lewis & Partners Louvre Desk

The most stylish craft table for Cricut


Dimensions: H29 x W55 x D25 inches
Materials: Oak veneered chipboard
Colour options: Oak

Reasons to buy

Looks great and has a large workspace
Spacious drawers and good storage
Solid feel and oak veneer

Reasons to avoid

Requires assembly

This desk from John Lewis is super-stylish: and it's practical enough to make an excellent craft table too. It's a solid and hefty table made from responsibly sourced chipboard, coated in quality oak veneer. 

The top two drawers are 8cm deep, making them ideal for tools and small items, while the bottom drawer is nine inches deep, making it suitable for storing materials and even your Cricut itself. The worktop is a hefty 25 inches deep too, which easily fits any craft cutting machine.

While some desks for crafters feel like computer desks repurposed (see below) this chunky wooden table has the size and simplicity a crafter or sewer would look for. We find there's enough room spread out materials, large cutting mats and a cutting machine or sewing machine. This is a solid choice.

The best craft tables, a craft table with a drafting section photographed

(Image credit: HomCom)

02. HOMCOM Adjustable Drafting Table

The best craft table for artists too


Dimensions: D23 x W47 x H29 inches
Materials: Metal, Wood
Colour options: Wood, metal, Melamine coating

Reasons to buy

Solid metal frame
Large enough to fit Cricut Maker 3
Adjustable drafting table

Reasons to avoid

Could do with being an inch wider

This HOMCOM Adjustable Drafting Table is a nice option if you're an artist as well as a crafter as it comes with a handy and flexible adjustable panel that folds out of the table's top. This versatility is a good option to have.

The table itself needs some assembly but it comes with all the tools you need and is fairly simple to put together – you're a crafter after all. We love this table's metal frame, it's sturdy and offers a good base to work from. The adjustable drafting table section can be tilted and used like an easel, too.

Specifically for crafters the table is a nice height and good depth – you can fit a Cricut Maker 3 on here but it does sit near enough the width of the table so it's tight. Series crafters may want to opt for a deeper desk, such as the John Lewis & Partners Louvre Desk above. But if you're generally a creative person this is a great do-all arts and crafts table.

The best craft tables, a product shot of Engriy Writing Computer Desk 47", one of the best craft tables

(Image credit: Engriy)

03. Engriy Writing Computer Desk

The best craft table for light crafting


Dimensions: W47 x D23 x H29.5 inches
Materials: Metal, wood
Colour options: Faux Marble, Vintage

Reasons to buy

Large solid wood top
Adjustable feet
Decent storage

Reasons to avoid

The most expensive option

The Engriy Writing Computer Desk has all the wrong descriptive words in its name to excite a crafter but ignore that, it's size and build mean it's a good crafter's choice. This sturdy table, with its attractive utilitarian look, and versatile storage, works just as well as a simple but effective craft table as it does a writing desk. 

The Engriy has two open shelves that you can organise however you like, and as a bonus you'll find a pair of hooks on the side where you can hang headphones, backpacks and the like. It has adjustable feet, so if you have an uneven floor you can still keep things steady. And its solid wood top feels good and weighty, plus it's scratch-resistant too.

Yet, what is attractive about this table is its size. The depth can just fit a Cricut Maker 3 with an inch to spare while we find the wooden worktop and metal frame feels sturdy. We would caution pushing to hard, however, as the frame isn't built for heavy cutting work. It can, after all, work as a computer and writing desk too.

The best craft tables, a product shot of HOMIDEC Writing Computer Desk, one of the best craft tables

(Image credit: HOMIDEC)

04. Homidec Writing Computer Desk

The best budget craft table


Dimensions: W31 x D23 x H29.5 inches
Materials: Steel, engineered Wood
Colour options: Black, Vintage, White Oak

Reasons to buy

Nice and cheap
Storage bag and hook
Does the job

Reasons to avoid

Pretty basic

As above, this is a good size for Cricut (just) and the best craft table if you're on a budget.Then here's our top recommendation. This desk's design is pretty straightforward – a simple engineered wood top on a metal frame – but it should give you plenty of room for your Cricut projects. 

On one side it has a storage bag where you can keep some of your materials and equipment. There's also a hook for hanging headphones or anything else. And ultimately this is a cheap and straightforward table that does the job. At this price, what more could you ask?

The best craft tables for Cricut: your questions answered

What's a Cricut?

Cricut is an American brand famous for its automated cutting machines for home crafters. You can use it to cut materials such as paper, felt, vinyl, fabric, leather, matboard and wood, using pre-programmed designs that you can create on your computer, or even on your phone. 

How much room does a Cricut need?

Not very much at all. The biggest and best option, the Cricut Maker 3, measures 56 x 18 x 15.7cm, so it won't take up a huge amount of table space by itself. However, you need to bear in mind that you'll also need space for your materials as they go into the Cricut and then out again. The Cricut Maker 3 enables you to make cuts up to 3.6m long in one go, so if you're after a table that'll make life easier, the longer it is, the better.

What should I look for in a craft table?

Lots and lots of storage. Because once you get started with Cricut you're going to end up accumulating all manner of materials and tools to go with it. The other thing to watch out for is a good solid build. Cricuts aren't especially heavy (the Maker 3 weighs in at 6.9kg), but in general for any crafting surface, you'll want something sturdy and steady to work on.

Is a solid wood top best for a craft table?

It depends what you're planning to do with it. With a Cricut you'll be perfectly well off with a top made of veneered particle board or similar; however if you're also planning on getting a bit more hands-on with your crafting using sharp tools, you might prefer a solid wood top that won't get ruined by dings, nicks and scratches.

Couldn't I just save money and make my own craft table?

Of course you could! If you're capable of a bit of DIY, it's not too hard to make your own, and there's something decidedly fitting about having a craft table that you've crafted yourself. This video explains one way of doing it yourself; you can find plenty more guides online.

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