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Fun AirPods cases: 9 designs that will put a smile on your face

Fun AirPods cases: selection of knitted Teddy Bear style cases
(Image credit: KnittingCafeShop on Etsy)

Fun AirPods cases are everywhere right now, and for two good reasons. Firstly, everyone seems to be buying AirPods (which is not surprising given all the great AirPods deals around right now). And secondly, given all the bad news we've had to ensure in 2020 so far, there's a real appetite for something to put a smile on people's faces. 

The fun AirPods cases on this list will all certainly do that. We've rounded up the most entertaining designs from around the globe, inspired by everything from cartoon characters to foodstuffs, and made of everything from soft cotton to spongy silicone.

One important thing: when we talk about 'fun AirPods cases', these are not charging cases per se, but skins that you wrap around your existing charging case to give them a fun look, as well as adding some level of protection. So you will still have to have either a standard or wireless AirPods charging case. If you're a student, don't miss the amazing Apple Back to School sale, where you get free AirPods when you buy a Mac or iPad. 

Read on to find how you can turn heads and give people a grin with these brilliantly fun AirPods cases.  

Fun AirPods cases: Antique leather pounch

(Image credit: Burkley Case)

01. Antique Pouch-style Walker Leather AirPods case

Back to the old school

Construction: Leather | Features: Hook for attachment | Supports wireless charging: Yes

Quality leather
Unique design
Not the cheapest
Not for vegans

So you like the functionality of Apple devices, but you’re not so keen on all that smooth, featureless white? Then this antique leather pouch is for you, enveloping your case with a warm and tactile sense of the past. You wouldn’t know from the outside that there are AirPods within, but we guess that’s kind of the point.

Fun AirPods cases: Coloiurful floral patterned-case

(Image credit: AIRSPO)

02. Bohemian-style Airspo AirPods Pro case

There's been an explosion in the colour factory

Construction: Silicone | Features: 90-degree hinge design | Supports wireless charging: Yes

Long-lasting colour
Low price
Front LED is visible
Only for AirPods Pro

Looking for fun AirPods Pro cases with a splash of colour? Well, you won’t anything more bright and colourful than this arresting Bohemian design, although you might need some sunglasses to look at it. It’s made by Airspo from soft premium silicone, which helps protects the case inside it from scratches. And thanks to advanced thermal transfer technology, the colourful design shouldn’t fade over time, either. Note it’s only for AirPods Pro, though.

Fun AirPods cases: Pink Prada handbag-style case

(Image credit: Prada)

03. Prada AirPods carrying case

Catwalk looks, at a credit-crushing price

Construction: Saffiano calf leather | Features: Lobster clasp, adjustable strap | Supports wireless charging: No

High-end fashion
Quality leather
Very expensive
Not for vegans

AirPods have been a huge hit for Apple amongst the fashion cognoscenti, leading to high-end brands like Burberry, Bvlgari Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Saint Laurent all bringing out their own fun AirPods cases... at the kind of bankruptcy-inducing prices you might expect. 

Our favourite, though, has to be this one from Prada, which is designed for both men and women. Made from Saffiano calf leather, with a lobster clasp, adjustable strap, and the iconic triangular logo, it effortlessly exudes elegance and style. 

Fun AirPods cases: Marvel case with Iron Man logo

(Image credit: Marvel)

04. Marvel Avengers Endgame AirPods Case

(Three of the) Avengers assemble

Construction: Silicone | Features: Official character logos | Supports wireless charging: Yes

Robust construction
Excellent fit
Officially sanctioned
Where's Hulk?

Superhero fans will love these fun AirPods cases, which have been officially sanctioned by Marvel. Themed on the Avengers movies, and featuring Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, they’re made from premium silicon for dust resistance and robust protection against bumps and scratches. Precision-moulded for a great fit, this is no cheap cash-in on Marvel's popularity, but a bona fide quality product.

Best AirPods cases: 6 Teddy Bear Knitted Cases

(Image credit: KnittingCafeShop on Etsy)

05. Teddy Bear Knitted Case

We couldn't bear to be without them

Construction: Knitted | Features: Non-slip stickers | Supports wireless charging: No

Multiple colours
Non-slip stickers
Hard to keep clean

How cute are these? Knitted in the form of a cute teddy bear, complete with ears and tail, these fun AirPods cases come in beige, brown, gold yellow, pink, purple and cream. You can choose from two types of ears; one with a white circle inside them, one with out. And although they might not look tight fitting, you also get non-slip stickers to keep them in place. 

Fun AirPods cases: Case knitted in the style of a Mandarin fruit

(Image credit: Bohcraft)

06. Mandarin Fruit Knitted Case

Cotton on to this fruity little number

Construction: Knitted | Features: Non-slip interior | Supports wireless charging: No

Bonkers design
Lovingly handmade
Non-slip interior
Hard to keep clean

You want something cute and embroidered, but find that teddy bears give you flashbacks to the gross-out scenes of Ted 2. So how about knitted fruit? Handmade from cotton yarn, this AirPods case from BohCraft in South Korea is pretty bonkers, but in a good way. It fairly accurately resembles a mandarin orange, complete with a natty green leaf at the top, and here’s a non-slip coating inside, to keep your case nice and snug. 

Fun AirPods cases: Cases evoking bubble tea drinks

(Image credit: Skoveph)

07. Bubble Tea AirPods case

Fun, frothy and fabulous

Construction: Silicone | Features: Matching charm | Supports wireless charging: No

Adorable design
Sturdy silicone
Low price
No colour choice

Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea has become a global sensation in recent years. And this clever design uses simple graphics to evoke it, in what must be one of the hippest and fun AirPods cases around right now. As well as being adorable, this silicone case is pretty sturdy too, providing a decent level of protection against bumps, scratches and other marks. Plus it comes with a matching finger loop charm.

Fun AirPods cases: Case depicting Pikachu in 3D

(Image credit: Liangxuer)

08. Pikachu

A bolt of brilliance

Construction: Silicone | Features: Carabiner | Supports wireless charging: Yes

Low price
Shock resistant
It’s Pikachu!
Meowth won't be happy

Whether you’re a fan of the original Pokemon trading cards, the 90s TV series or the recent movie reboots, everyone loves Pikachu. Reproducing the beloved character in bright and colourful 3D, the silicone construction is both shock-proof and drop-proof, and it comes with a carabiner for you to clip it to your bag or belt. 

Fun AirPods cases: case replicating classic games console

(Image credit: Elago)

09. Classic Game Player Design Case

Game on

Construction: Silicone | Features: Keychain, anti-slip interior | Supports wireless charging: Yes

Fun design
Non-slip interior
Not the cheapest

If your love of games reaches back a few decades further than Pokemon Go, then this classic console-style case will likely float your boat. The makers don’t mention Nintendo in the title, no doubt for legal reasons, but that’s clearly the inspiration. And as well as its retro-tastic looks, it’s is made of flexible, impact-resistant silicone material and features a special anti-slip coating inside.